*NEW* – Summer Literacy Skills Camps


It has been a longstanding goal at Evolve Psychology to offer high quality, interesting and fun educational intervention services to children and teens. Providing a solid foundation for learning is one of the most crucial investments we can make in our children’s future.

Therefore, we are so excited to announce the beginning of what we anticipate will be many future services directed to helping students build the solid foundation for a strong academic future.

This summer, we will be offering 2 separate camps (one in July and one in August) that will focus on helping build reading and literacy skills. The camps will be offered in small group settings and will be led by both a Literacy Specialist and a School Psychologist. We have designed these camps to provide emphasis and practice on the core skills underlying effective and efficient reading and writing. We will have a fun adventure/travel theme running through the entire camp so that kids will be able to have a great time while gaining these very important skills.

These camps are specifically designed for early readers, between the ages of 6 to 8 years old.

Please call our office for more information or to enroll!

Download our flyer to learn more