In its simplest definition, NEUROPSYCHOLOGY involves the study and understanding of brain and behaviour relationships.

Neuropsychological Services

Dr. Kincade has many years of specialized education, training and research experience in the area of neuropsychology and brain function. With that specific background, she offers in-depth consultations and therapy for people with various types of neurological illnesses and brain injuries.

Dr. Kincade offers consultation services to discuss individual situations, and can provide general education and suggestions with regard to cognitive and behavioral functioning following an injury or illness. For example, an athlete might wish to discuss symptoms and what to expect following a concussion. They might also be interested in discussing factors to consider when deciding when to return to participate in their particular sport.

Other individuals may be interested in receiving some education and general advice about their expected recovery from a brain injury, or the expected thinking, emotional, and behavioural symptoms related to particular neurological conditions. Finally, Dr. Kincade often provides therapy to patients who have sustained a neurological injury.