Who We Work With

Because of her extensive experience in working with individuals from very young children through teens to adults and seniors, Dr. Kincade welcomes people of any age in her practice.

Who We Work With


Prior to starting her private practice, Dr. Kincade worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital where she developed valuable experience in working with children who had a variety of struggles including: mood and anxiety concerns, ADD, ADHD, as well as complex medical challenges. In her practice, she regularly works with children and their parents to help kids feel better about themselves and get them back to the business of being a kid…. Having FUN! She is always mindful in using age-appropriate therapeutic techniques and is able to use language that kids can relate to in fun and productive ways.

For more detailed information about our child-focused services, please see our Evolve Child Psychology website. (coming soon)


Dr. Kincade’s relaxed and easygoing manner helps her to develop excellent connections with teenagers. Although many teens may be initially reluctant to visit a psychologist, most tend to quickly relax after meeting Dr. Kincade and find an instant level of trust. Dr. Kincade will sometimes work for a period of time with a teen and then leave the door open for them to come back if new problems emerge. Parents are often surprised at how freely their teens ask to come back to “talk to Michelle” when they are facing new challenges.

For more specific information geared towards treatment of teens, please see our Evolve Child Psychology website. (coming soon)


Life can be complicated and present many different types of challenges throughout the adult years. Dr. Kincade often uses her philosophy of helping identify people’s strengths to help them better manage some of their personal struggles. She tailors her particular approach to therapy with an individual’s specific needs given their unique life circumstances. Dr. Kincade recognizes that people are often interested in short-term, solution-focused techniques that will help them to function at a higher level quickly. There are also those who are interested in taking more time to gain more insight and understanding into why they tend to respond in particular ways and may continue to repeat similar patterns over time. She is happy to work with people to reach their own personal goals within their own time frames.


Having worked for many years in geriatric medical settings, Dr. Kincade is very comfortable working with older adults. Seniors are often faced with stressors and challenges regarding changes with their health and/or the health of loved ones. Given her work with both patients and the caregivers of patients who have suffered serious medical challenges such as dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke and other neurological disorders, Dr. Kincade is very knowledgeable in these areas and can help provide education and understanding in difficult situations. In addition to health-related concerns, Dr. Kincade can help older adults transition more effectively and adjust to changes in life circumstances such as retirement or moving out of their own home.


Having personal experience in parenting her own two children, Dr. Kincade enjoys working with parents, children, teens and families to find more peace and harmony in their relationships at home. She offers coaching for parents to help them to develop solutions for behavioural challenges, such as temper tantrums, bed-time struggles and homework battles. She also often helps to mediate conflicts between parents and teens and creates another perspective from which to develop new ideas for solving old problems.


Dr. Kincade enjoys having the opportunity to work with couples to help overcome and move past difficult times. Whether it is simply a boost to help you and your partner out of a relationship “rut”, or whether it involves more intense conflict, Dr. Kincade offers fair, balanced and objective advice with the goal of improving or resolving relationship challenges.


Whether you are still searching to find your ideal partner, or whether you are starting over after a previous relationship has ended, Dr. Kincade can help you to identify personal traits or patterns in relationships that could be affecting your relationship journeys. Coaching and advice is often provided to help individuals find and then move forward into the kind of relationships that they really want.